Fast connector


sc fast connecotor pc

SC PC fast connector

FAST Connectors are factory pre-polished, fast connector does not need hand polishing in the field.

Features of FAST connector: 

Pre-stubbed, factory-polished ferrule
No epoxy required
Fiber can be reseated
Precision mechanical alignment insures low loss
Meets TIA/EIA 568A performance requirements
Meets TIA/EIA 604 (focis) connector interface requirements

Fast connector

Technical Parameters

 Fiber mode

 Single mode and multimode

 Insert loss

≤ 0.3dB1310nm & 1550nm

 Return loss

≤ -40dB

 Fastening strength of naked fiber

>5 N

 Fastening strength of naked fiber holder

>10 N

 Using temperature


 Mechanical durability (500 times)

IL ≤ 0.2dB RL ≤ 5dB

Fast connecotor are widely used in FTTH,premise environments,patch panels,direct equipment termination.