फाइबर ऑप्टिक पैच केबल उपयोग के लिए युक्तियाँ


Wavelength of the optical transceiver module at both ends of the fiber patch cable must be consistent.

Do not over-bend or circulate the fiber in use, which will increase the attenuation of light in the transmission process.

The fiber patch cable ceramic ferrule and its interface must be wiped clean with alcohol and absorbent cotton before use. If the fiber connector gets dirty, use the cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean, otherwise it will affect the communication quality.

Connectors of the fiber patch cables must be protected with dust caps after use, or dust and oil will damage the coupling of the fiber.

The minimum bending radius should not be less than 150mm in use.

Do not look into the fiber interface when the laser signal is being transmitted.

If fiber network or system anomalies, you can use troubleshooting method to test one by one. On-off test can be done first to exclude the problem. You can use the visible laser pen to graze the entire fiber optic link and diagnose. Or further using a precision optical IL/RL meter to test its every indicators. If they’re within the qualified range, the jumper indicated normal, otherwise it’s not.