MPX connector


Description of MPX connector

MPX connector is a multi-fiber connector, it is up to 24 fibers.

MPX connector

MPX connector is available in both single mode and Mulimode, Up to 24-fiber, it is used in fiber optic patch cord ,fanout pigtail,for it's small size , it is easily mounted on a daughter-card with an electric backplane.

Ordering information for MPX connector

[1] Fiber Number 4 4-fiber
8 8-fiber
12 12-fiber
[2] Guide-pin T with Guide-pins (Male type)
U without Guide pin (Female type)
[3] Polishing Method APC Angled PC polishing
PC PC polishing
[4] Connector
1 1pc: Connectorized on one side
2 2pcs: Connectorized on both sides
[5] Fiber Type S Single-mode fiber
M5 Multi-mode fiber (50/125)
M6 Multi-mode fiber (62.5/125)
Connector Type TCF Jacketed Ribbon (Ruggedized)
[6] Cable Length in meter (Standard Length: 2,3,5m)