1080nm Cladding Power Stripper

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  • High power handling
  • Low Insertion loss
  • Cost Effective
  • Fiber lasers

Performance Specifications

Parameters Values
Center Wavelength(nm) 1080
Operating Wavelength-Pumps (nm) 800~1200
Cladding attenuation(min)(dB) 20
Max. Insertion Loss (at 25℃) (dB) 0.30
Min. Polarization Extinction Ratio (dB) 15(For PM Fiber)
Cladding Power Handling(W) 20, 50, 100, 200
Fiber Type In/Out 20/250,25/250,20/400 DCF or Specify
Dimension(mm) 200×26.5×14.5
Water Pipe Type(mm) 4-6
Pigtail Length(m) 1.0 or other
Operation Temperature(℃) 0 ~ +50
Storage Temperature Range(℃) -20 ~ +75

* Above specification are for device without connector, and may change without notice.

General Configuration for CPS:

Working Wavelength(nm) Input/ouput Fiber Signal IL Min.Stripping Efficiency Max.Power Handling
1020~1080 6/125 DC ≤0.3dB 20dB 50W
1530~1570 8/125 DC ≤0.3dB 20dB 50W
1020~1080 10/125 DC ≤0.3dB 20dB 50W
1020~1080 12/125 DC ≤0.3dB 20dB 50W
1020~1080 15/125 DC ≤0.3dB 20dB 50W
1020~1080 20/125 DC ≤0.3dB 20dB 10W
1020~1080 20/200 DC ≤0.3dB 20dB 50W
1020~1080 25/250 DC ≤0.3dB 20dB 200W
1530~1570 25/300 DC ≤0.3dB 17dB 50W
1020~1080 30/250 DC ≤0.3dB 20dB 300W
1020~1080 20/400 DC ≤0.3dB 17dB 500W
1020~1080 PM6/125 DC ≤0.3dB/ER>18dB 20dB 50W
1020~1080 PM10/125 DC ≤0.3dB/ER>18dB 20dB 50W
1020~1080 PM15/125 DC ≤0.3dB/ER>18dB 20dB 50W
1020~1080 PM20/125 DC ≤0.3dB/ER>18dB 20dB 50W
1020~1080 PM20/200 DC ≤0.3dB/ER>18dB 20dB 100W
1020~1080 PM25/250 DC ≤0.3dB/ER>18dB 20dB 300W
1020~1080 PM30/250 DC ≤0.3dB/ER>18dB 20dB 300W
1020~1080 PM20/400 DC ≤0.3dB/ER>18dB 17dB 500W


1.Other configuration can be customized.We can build CPS on every double clad fiber,

2.For handling power≥100W and some samll core fiber CPS, will need water cooling.

3.All CPS default with bare fiber,0.8m length of pigtail, please contact us for special request.

Package Information(Air  Cooling)

Package Type T1 T2 T3 T4 T5
Dimensions (mm) Ф3×54 65×12×7.5 70×12×8 65×12×7.5 65×12×7.5
Positioning hole(mm) / 7.0×54 7.0×54 8.4×54 12×54

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