PLC splitter


plc splitter

Features of PLC splitter Low insertion loss Low PDL High return loss Wide operating wavelength Wide operating temperature Compact size Environmental & mechanical stable Application of PLC splitters FTTx systems Optical LAN, Metro, WAN networks Passive optical networks CATV networks We offer quality custom PLC splitter at competitive price Ordering information for PLC splitter

Port 12=1×2,14=1×4,18=1×8,116=1×16,132=1×32,164=1×64, 24=2×4,28=2×8,216=2×16,232=2×32
Fiber Type D=G652D, A=G 657A
Package S=Steel tube; A=ABS box
Input Fiber Type L=900µm Loose tube, S=2.0mm, R=3.0mm, B=250µm Ribbon Fiber, 0=Adapter
Output Fiber Type L=900µm Loose tube, S=2.0mm, R=3.0mm, B=250µm Ribbon Fiber, 0=Adapter
Pigtail Length 05–20=0.5–2.0m, A=Adapter, X=Others

Package Dimensions (mm)

P1 40x4x4 steel tube P10 90x20x6 steel tube
P2 45x4x4 steel tube P11 100x40x6 steel tube
P3 45×4.5×4 steel tube D 90x20x9.5 plastic case
P4 50x7x4 steel tube E 100x80x10 plastic case
P5 60x7x4 steel tube F 141x115x18 plastic case
P6 60x12x4 steel tube K 120x80x18 plastic case
P7 65x7x4 steel tube XU 1,2,3,4U 19’’ Rack Mount
P8 80x12x4 steel tube XG 1,2,3,4U LGX’ Metal Rack Mount
P9 80x20x6 steel tube X Custom Specifies

Performance Specifications

PLC splitter Unit Parameter
Operating Wavelength nm 1260~1650
Typ.Insertion Loss dB 16.8
Max.Insertion Loss dB 17.2
Max.Uniformity dB 1.7
Max.TDL dB 0.5
Max.PDL dB 0.3
Min.Return Loss dB 50
Min.Directivity dB 50
Operating Temperature -40~+85
Storage Temperature -40~+85
Package Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 50×7×4

Note:All the specification data are for PLC splitter without connectors.





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