SMA connector



SMA 905 connector and SMA 906 connector

sma 905 sma 906 connector

SMA connectors has two types: the SMA-905 has a straight ferrule, whereas the SMA-906 has a stepped ferrule design. The SMA-905 is a non-contact connector typically used in medical, industrial, and military applications. When two SMA 906 are mated together the stepped ferrule design allows an alignment sleeve to be used and therefore the connection has lower insertion loss. The SMA 905 does not have an alignment sleeve therefore the Insertion Loss of the 905 is higher than that of the 906.

Description of SMA connector

SMA connector are simplex and multimode type.

SMA connectors make use of threaded connections and are ideal for military applications because of their low cost multimode coupling.

SMA connectors are available with stainless alloy or stainless steel ferrules. The stainless alloy ferrule may be drilled from 125um to 1550um to accept various fiber sizes.

In addition to their compact size, SMA connector has good mechanical durability. The SMA connector holds a single fiber. SMA connectors have a threaded Coupling nut.