What determine the pulling tension of a fiber optic patch cable ?


   Some fiber patch cables may be pulled thorough 2km or more of conduit, so it is very important to acquire great pulling tension. What can guarantee the fiber cable to have great pulling tension? The answer is aramid fibers. The best quality aramid fiber is DuPont Kevlar.

   Light in weight and high in performance, Kevlar is the go-to fiber to make fiber cables safer and more durable with five times the strength of steel based on equal weight basis. It is a unique polymer fiber that is very strong but does not stretch, so pulling on it will not stress the other components in the cable.

   We use DuPont Kevlar in all our fiber patch cable to guarantee the best pulling strength of our every fiber cable. Generally the simplest simplex cable has a pull strength of 100 pounds to 200 pounds, and the outside cable has a specification of over 800 pounds.