FC connector


fc connector

Description of FC connector
FC connector is a screw type connection.FC connector is designed with cylindrical metal coupling nut with keyed sleeves,  FC connector use 2.5mm ceramic ferrule and FC ferrule are with pull-proof mechanism for good durability.

Availability of FC connector

Housing kits without ferrule are available.
FC/PC and FC/APC are available.
single mode FC connector & multimode FC connector available
Simplex FC connector & duplex FC connector available

FC connector drawing

fc connector drawing


FC connector features

Low insertion loss and back reflection loss
Ferrule end surface predomed
Precision anti-rotation key
Nickel plated brass body
Boots in a variety of colors
Free-floating ceramic ferrule
Telcordia style boots
FC connector specification



Single mode


Insertion Loss



Return Loss

55 dB



<0.1 dB typical change, 500 matings


Operating Temperature

-40 to + 85°C

-40 to + 85°C

Ferrule Hole Sizes

125.0+1/-0μm, Concentricity: 1.0μm

125μm, Concentricity: 13μm


125.3+1/-0μm, Concentricity: 1.0μm

127μm, Concentricity: 13μm


125.5+1/-0μm, Concentricity: 1.0μm

128μm, Concentricity: 13μm


126.0+1/-0μm, Concentricity: 1.0μm

FC connector application

Gigabit Ethernet

Active device termination

Telecommunication networks