SC to LC adapter


Description of SC to LC adapter

SC to LC hybrid adapter enable direct optical connection between an SC plug and an LC plug despite their different ferrule diameter.(SC plug diameter is 2.5 and LC plug diameter is only 1.25)

Low insertion loss and high durability are ensured by using a precise zirconia ceramic split sleeve.

Standard SC to LC adapters are flanged type with plastic housing, both single mode and multi mode adaptors are with zirconia sleeves. 
We also offer metal SC to LC adapter.

sc_lc_adapter                                 metal sc to lc adapter


SC LC adapters technique data

Insertion loss

≤ 0.3 dB

Withdraw force (g/f)



500 times

Working temperature

-40 to +75 D.C


SC to LC adapter features

Compact design
High-precision sleeve
High durability
low insertion loss

LC to SC adapter applications

Network environments integrating different configurations
Telecommunications networks